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Selenium Interview Questions

1) What does SIDE stand for?
Ans: Selenium Integrated Development Environment.

2) What is the difference between an assert and a verify with Selenium commands?
Ans: Assert: Will fail and abort the current test execution.Verify: Will fail and continue to run the test execution.

3) What Selenese commands can be used to help debug a regexp?

4) What is one big difference between SilkTest and Selenium, excluding the price?
Ans: I am not sure about Silk Test. But general difference what i found from other Automation Testing tools is that, selenium does not work on Object Repository concept for identifying the objects in the application

5) Which browsers can Selenium IDE be run in?
Ans: FireFox

6) If a Selenium function requires a script argument, what would that argument look like in general terms?
Ans: StoreEval(script, variable) and storeExpression(expression, variableName)

7) If a Selenium function requires a pattern argument, what five prefixes might that argument have?
Ans: glob, regexp, exact, regexpi

8)    What is the regular expression sequence that loosely translates to "anything or nothing?"
Ans:     glob: Real* or regexp:Real.*

9)    What is the globbing sequence that loosely translates to "anything or nothing?
Ans:    *

10)    What does a character class for all alphabetic characters and digits look like in regular  expressions?


Alphanumeric characters
Alphanumeric characters plus "_"

Alphabetic characters

Lowercase letters

Uppercase letters

11)    What does a character class for all alphabetic characters and digits look like in globbing?
Ans:     [0-9] matches any digit
    [a-zA-Z0-9] matches any alphanumeric character
    [a-zA-Z] matches any alphabet character

12)    What must one set within SIDE in order to run a test from the beginning to a certain point within the test?
Ans:     Breakpoint (Keyword: b OR in SIDE, Right click and select “Toggle Breakpoint”)

13)    What does a right-pointing green triangle at the beginning of a command in SIDE indicate?
Ans:    Play entire Test suite

14)    How does one get rid of the right-pointing green triangle?

15)    How can one add vertical white space between sections of a single test?

16)    What Selenium functionality uses wildcards?

17)    Which wildcards does SIDE support?
Ans:     *, [ ]

NOTE: PLEASE  correct me if i am wrong

18)    What are the four types of regular expression quantifiers which we've studied?

19)    What regular expression special character(s) means "any character?"
Ans:    “.*”

20)    What distinguishes between an absolute and relative URL in SIDE?
Ans:    Absolute URL: Its is base url and this represent domain address.
           Relative URL: (Absolute URL + Page Path).
          Open command uses Base URL (Absolute URL) to navigate web page.

21)    How would one access a Selenium variable named "count" from within a JavaScript snippet?
Ans:    ${count}

22)    What Selenese command can be used to display the value of a variable in the log file, which can  be very valuable for debugging?
Ans:    store | Chidambaram | var
          echo  | ${var}

23)    If one wanted to display the value of a variable named answer in the log file, what would the first argument to the previous command look like?
Ans:    echo | ${answer}

24)    Where did the name "Selenium" come from?

25)    Which Selenium command(s) simulates selecting a link?
Ans:    click, clickandWait, ClickAt, ClickAtandWait, DoubleClick, DoubleClickandWait, doubleClickAt, doubleClickAtandWait

26)    Which two commands can be used to check that an alert with a particular message popped up?
Ans:    The following commands are available within Selenium for processing Alerts:
•    getAlert()
•    assertAlert()
•    assertAlertNotPresent()
•    assertAlertPresent()
•    storeAlert()
•    storeAlertPresent()
•    verifyAlert()
•    verifyAlertNotPresent()
•    verifyAlertPresent()
•    waitForAlert()
•    waitForAlertNotPresent()
•    waitForAlertPresent()
The …AlertPresent() and …AlertNotPresent() functions check for the existence or not of an alert – regardless of it’s content.
The …Alert() functions allow the caller to specify a pattern which should be matched.
The getAlert() method also exists in Selenium RC, and returns the text from the previous Alert displayed.

27)    What does a comment look like in Column view?
Ans:     Pink color (Appears only in command column)

28)    What does a comment look like in Source view?
Ans:     Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

This next example illustrates how a JavaScript snippet can include calls to methods, in this case the JavaScript String object’s toUpperCase method and toLowerCase method.

Edith Wharton

JavaScript Usage with Non-Script Parameters
JavaScript can also be used to help generate values for parameters, even when the parameter is not specified to be of type script. However, in this case, special syntax is required–the JavaScript snippet must be enclosed inside curly braces and preceded by the label javascript, as in javascript {*yourCodeHere*}. Below is an example in which the type command’s second parameter value is generated via JavaScript code using this special syntax:

league of nations
    Ans is StoredVars[]

43)    How would one access the value of a SIDE variable named name from within a JavaScript snippet used as the argument to a Selenese command? 
Ans:    ${name}

44)    What is the name of the type of JavaScript entity represented by the last answer?

45)    What string(s) does this regular expression match? regexp:August|April 5, 1908
Ans:    August 5,1980 or April 5, 1980

46)    What Selenium regular expression pattern can be used instead of the glob below to produce the same results? verifyTextPresent | glob:9512?
Ans:    Glob uses two class pattern : * and []. I am not sure whether question is valid or not.

47)    What Selenium globbing pattern can be used instead of the regexp below to produce the same results? verifyTextPresent | regexp:Hush.*Charlotte
Ans:     glob: Hush*Charlotte

48)    I am using the selenium ide for testing my web application i recorded some script and played back while playing the recorded script the “alert msg is not getting closed”.
Ans:    If the alert message is in different browser you have to handle it after recording. You have to select that popup window and close it.Then transfer the control back to main window.
                 waitForPopUp | winId | 30000
                 selectWindow | winId


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